Retaining Walls

Trust our retaining wall construction pro in Federal Way & Bellevue, WA

Maintain the Slope of Your Property

Want to improve your property with new hardscaping features? Cascadia Outdoor Living Spaces builds engineered block systems for our retaining wall construction projects. These walls can stand up to 4 feet high and can bring some much-needed structure to your property in Federal Way & Bellevue, WA.

Schedule your hardscaping project by contacting us today. We also manage light land clearing jobs.

3 ways you can use a retaining wall

You can use a retaining wall on your property in a variety of ways. A retaining wall construction project is a great way to:

1. Outline your outdoor living space
2. Support the structure of your driveway
3. Create a tiered system for your yard to prevent erosion

A small retaining wall lining your driveway or running underneath your driveway can help support the weight of your vehicles. If you'd like a retaining wall or other hardscaping feature, email us now.